Warning! Toxic Fish!

Even though this is quite an old article, I feel it’s important that I write about it. It’s from AM Costa Rica (an English speaking, online news paper out of Costa Rica, Central America)

As we are all well aware, our consumerism is really starting to take a toll on our planet. Mother Earth is fighting tooth and claw to keep up, but we ravage Her relentlessly and are now falling victim to our own gluttony.

Now, before anyone starts…I understand that, in today’s world, we have very little choice.  Even those who refuse to use animal products have a negative impact.

Anything mass consumed, no matter how ‘environmentally friendly’ it may appear, takes its toll.  If you wear ‘no animals harmed’ wool, you’re far from the only one.  Since there are many others like you, there is need to have many sheep. Many sheep need lots of space and lots of food…etc…

If you wear sneakers, drive a car, eat with utensils (plastic or metal) you fuel the need for mining (oil, for gas and synthetic materials – plastic and rubber included- and minerals for the metal in your car and the fork you eat with). 
I don’t personally like the idea of mining, but I am in no position to rally against it, since I use all of the above…and wear jewelry.
So, why the heck should we even care?  There’s nothing we can do about it anyways.  >>Not True<<– Cut back on how much water you use
– Recycle
– Walk / Ride a bike
– Turn the lights off if you not in the room
            …Basically don’t use more than you truly need.

Anyways!  Here is an intro to that article.

Tins of tuna fish now contain warnings that the product should not be eaten by pregnant women or young children because of high levels of mercury and other toxic heavy metals.

For the full article, click here.


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